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57 Mile Bike Ride Around Tucson AZ on our New E Bikes

We love our new Cannondale Tesaro E bikes. Our latest ride was on "The Loop" - a 55 mile nicely paved loop around the city of Tucson and its suburbs. Our ride was 57 miles because we didn't park the Jeep directly on the loop.

The bikes - we visited numerous bike stores and test drove several models. We found what we wanted in San Antonio at Sun & Ski. We worked with Henry, an avid biker whose knowledge made us feel comfortable with making the big decision. The bikes feel so solid and balanced. They are "pedal assist" with 4 levels of assistance. They can be ridden with no assist and we do that as much as possible. The assist gives us the freedom to go farther and feel safer in traffic situations.

The 57 mile Tucson Ride with data from Ken's Garmin watch and my Apple watch. We did this ride on Sunday, January 30th. The Loop also goes around the city but at that point it was near 5 PM and I didn't stop to take any photos of those areas. We did see several tent cities and one coyote.

Rides back in Texas near Castroville and San Antonio. Our first long ride - only 25 miles - was around Castroville. At one point we were on the shoulder of a busier road so we used our "turbo" assist level and went 28 MPH to do that part of the ride quickly. We stopped at Cora's (red building) for dinner and then rode the 5 miles back to the RV resort using level 3 - "sport".

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