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A Snowy Trail and More Arches

After more than a week in Moab our Jeep (Riley RR) was upset and complained that he was the only Jeep in Moab who hadn't been on a dirt road. So we decided to venture up to the snowy mountains that we had been looking at since our arrival in Moab. We drove 20 miles to the base of the La Sal Mountains and then traveled a paved road up and finally found the Geyser Pass Trail. We entered the dirt road and only went 9 miles and had to turn back. 15 miles of the dirt road was closed due to snow. Jeep and occupants were disappointed but it was still an interesting adventure.

We returned to Arches NP twice more with a somewhat scary hike in the Devil's Garden section one day and a visit to the Windows section and Park Avenue the second day.

Devil's Garden Section

Windows Section

Park Avenue

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