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Alsatian RV Resort & Castroville, Texas

We stayed in the Alsation RV Resort for seven weeks from November 29th to January 21th. The resort is gated and next to a private golf club. It was a great place to leave our Renegade while visiting Pittsburgh for the holidays. We flew out of the San Antonio Airport (which is surprisingly small). The resort is 5 miles from the small, historic town of Castroville and 30 miles from downtown San Antonio.

The Resort and Golf Club

The town of Castroville was established in 1844 by Henri Castro, an immigrant from France who came to America in 1827 as an French consul. He became interested in Texas and was successful in obtaining a land grant of more than a million acres from the government of the Republic of Texas. The land grant required Castro to find 600 families to settle in the land grant area. He recruited people from France, especially from the Alsace-Lorraine area. Each colonist received 640 acres and was required to build a house and cultivate at least 15 acres. Castro himself along with 27 others formed the settlement which is now called Castroville. There are over 30 buildings from the 1800's on the Castroville historical tour.

After racking up 7,000 RV miles we had our first Renegade tire issue. A metal bolt-like object made its way into the driver side inner rear tire. Paco and his crew removed the tire and the bolt and patched the hole. Nice guys and it only took a half hour.

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