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Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

On Wednesday, May 19th we drove 50 miles southeast from Circleville to Bryce Canyon NP.

As usual - we went on a nice 5 mile hike and then drove the scenic route. It was our 5th national park in 5 weeks. Even after Arches, Canyonlands, Capital Reef and Zion we were still amazed by Bryce which is famous for its hoodoos. Millions of years of erosion created these tall spindly structures. They range in size from 5 feet to 150 feet and they often have interesting color patterns.

Hoodoo Heaven

The Hike

Views from the Scenic Drive

Dinner on the way home was at Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant. Luckily we were there at 4:30 and got a table. At 5 there was a wait. Good food, no margaritas.

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1 Comment

A little more than a 1 minute read would be nice. Photos are great! Hope you are enjoying the journey.

Jerry Gavin

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