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Canyonlands National Park

On Tuesday 4/20 we drove 32 miles from Moab to Canyonlands. This national park is the largest of Utah's 5 national parks and is so big at 338,000 acres that it is naturally divided by the Colorado and Green Rivers into 4 distinct districts. There are no roads within the park that directly link the districts. We visited the northern district, "Island in the Sky". We drove along the 12 mile main road stopping to view the vastness and the spectacular landscapes. We then chose our hike from the visitor guide list - of course in the "strenuous" section.

Photos from Canyonlands

Hiking the Murphy's Loop Trail

We hiked the hardest part - the switchback trail down the side of the mesa to the wooden bridge below and then back up. Ken, of course, wanted to keep going and I had to remind him that I am in the National Park on a lifetime "senior" pass. You can see the little wooden bridge that we hiked to way down below in the last photo.

Photos From the Ride Back to Moab

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