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Colorado - Rocky Mtn NP, Rodeo & a Bike Ride

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Saturday night, July 31 we went to a professional rodeo showcase and then the annual dance afterward. There was a really good band and many people were dancing their boots off. Ken was a good sport and danced with his crazy wife for 2 solid hours. My motto is 'dance like you'll never see these people again'. We met some great folks including a happy group of women having a bachelorette party and a fun loving older couple . One of the nicest people was a vendor who sold me a $40 glittery cowboy hat. Hmmmm..... There are no photos of the dance to protect the innocent. What happens in Frasier stays in Frasier.

The next Monday we drove the jeep along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain NP in a rainstorm. This is the only road in the park and it runs east - west. We started on the west side and made it to the Alpine Visitors center at 12,000 feet. The route has many switchbacks and sheer drop offs. It's a busy route even in bad, scary weather. On our way back we encountered a moose crossing the road. We followed him down a dirt road and snapped a photo.

Our 3rd bike ride from the RV resort:

A 7 mile round trip hike from Monarch lake:

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