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Famous Sedona, Arizona

There is a reason that Sedona is a major tourist destination. This place is a definite must see. However, we haven't seen much of it yet. We have 5 weeks here and we are staying south of Sedona in the middle of the Verde Valley. Tons of wineries in the Valley and lots of wine centric restaurants in places like Cottonwood. So far, these are the amazing things we have seen....

Downtown Sedona - We picked up our wedding duds from the tailor, shopped and also had lunch. It was a Saturday and the traffic was horrendous. The town is not very big and September and October are the busiest months for visitors. The red rock photos were taken from the street that we visited for shopping and lunch.

We hiked in Red Rock State Park which is very close to Sedona

This area in central Arizona has hundreds of ancient pueblo villages. The most important sites have achieved National Monument status.

Montezuma National Monument - near Camp Verde and Tuzigoot National Monument - near Cottonwood.

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