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Heber City, Utah

This small town is less than a mile from Mountain Valley RV Resort. They have a Walmart, Petco and a few other chain stores. There is a walkable Main Street with some interesting shops and eating establishments and a very active community park that had a festival last weekend. There is also a large event center for rodeos. The high school is one block from Main Street and it has an impressive football stadium with a track that we utilized a few times. Ken runs his 5 miles and I run 100 meter sprints imagining glory in the Senior Olympics. I did some scouting for unique shops and came across a very cool women's clothing and accessory shop a few blocks from Main St. called "Water From the Moon". I also had a great experience at a salon called Studio 550. Desiree did a great job on my hair especially since the last time it had professional attention was February. On May 26th we had our 14th wedding anniversary dinner at a restaurant called "Afterword" that had good food but the $15 glasses of Chardonnay were quite small. There is a train based in Heber City that was built for the 2002 Winter Olympics and it still functions as a sightseeing conveyance.

We learned something after being in several Utah towns. When the Mormons settled many of the towns in the 1800's they used a specific grid to label the roads. We found this hard to deal with in Circleville but now it's finally making sense. My very simplified explanation: Main Street runs north/south. Center Street runs east/west. The crossing of Main and Center creates quadrants and each quadrant starts with either E100N, E100S, W100N, W100S. And it goes on - 200, 300, 400, 500........... If you know where Main and Center cross you can somewhat visualize where things are. The towns we've visited are all in flat valleys where this works for the main part of town. (This would never work in Pittsburgh). In Salt Lake City the grid starts with Temple Square. Of course, as the city grew they had to add a lot of other names for the new roads.

Afterword Restaurant - Anniversary Dinner (It was a Wednesday)

The Traffic, One of the Karl Malone Businesses, The Park, and The Train

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