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Moab, Utah

WOW. Finally we are in our dreamland. We arrived on Friday, April16 and are staying at The Portal RV Resort for 2 weeks. Moab is only 2 miles from the entrance to Arches National Park. Other must sees - Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse State Park are also close by.

The RV resort is very nice and it is new. Great workout room - I may visit it since my biceps have been neglected. There is warm water in the pool and also a hot tub. They have a social area but unfortunately no events scheduled. Our site is huge. Many people in the resort have ATV's. There are many lifted jeeps around since Moab is famous for its jeep trails. We may take our new jeep on the bunny slope/trail.

The town is PACKED. Lots of families. There is one road thru Moab and up to Arches NP and it is under construction. So, Sunday night at 5 there was a traffic jam!

Still, it's great to be here.

The RV Resort

Biking Across The Colorado River

We biked 21 miles on the Moab Canyon Paved Path.

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