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Our trip through Oklahoma (3/29 to 4/2) was a straight line from the eastern border to the western border. We stopped for 3 nights at a small RV Park near Elk City (pop. 11,600). Elk City had some cool shopping and some small museums that included the “National Route 66 Museum”. We enjoyed the museums and learned about broncos and other cowboy pursuits. We found a Tex-Mex establishment and sat at the bar with a bunch of guys fresh from the oil fields. Tasty Margaritas and my salmon salad was good.

Oklahoma is flat and breezy and much of it is in tornado alley. I’m happy to report that there were no tornado watches while we were there.

Our total trip from Hilton Head to Moab, Utah is 2,000 miles. Next stop Amarillo, Texas. At that point we will still have 500 miles to Durango, Colorado (6 nights there) and then 160 miles to Moab.

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