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One Year Complete - How We Select RV Parks & Resorts

We just completed one year of full time RVing. There were no significant problems or issues and we feel very lucky. We visited 14 national parks, numerous national monuments, towns & cities and other interesting locations. We stayed in 37 different RV parks/resorts: 19 of these stays were one to six nights, 15 were one to three weeks, 2 were a month and one stay was almost 2 months. Finding 37 different places to park our Renegade takes a lot of time and effort.

I use the website RV LIFE Trip Wizard to plan our routes and stops. This planning tool contains information on thousands of RV parks and resorts with links to their websites. As you plan your trip the site shows distances and the best route for your RV. It also includes a database full of current reviews which are very enlightening. I supplement RV Trip Wizard by reading google reviews and viewing satellite images of each RV park.

The map below shows our first year of traveling. The map cuts out Hilton Head and the east coast and starts with Hot Springs, Arkansas.

We left Pittsburgh on March 2, 2021 and traveled to Hilton Head Island and stayed for 3 weeks. From Hilton Head we traveled to Hot Springs, Arkansas and then thru Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado on our way to Moab, Utah. We spent 2 months in Utah, two months in Colorado and then hit Angel Fire and Santa Fe in northern New Mexico. We spent 6 weeks in Arizona and then traveled to southern New Mexico to visit Elephant Butte Lake and Carlsbad. From there we went to Alpine, Texas and then spent 7 weeks near San Antonio, Texas. In January and early February we traveled across southern Arizona east to west spending time in Benton, Gila Bend and Quartzsite. We ended our first year in Desert Hot Springs, California.

The Resort near Desert Hot Springs and the resort's overview page on RV Trip Wizard

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RVing YEAR TWO - The Plan

Catalina Spa RV Resort until March 15, then travel back to Arizona and stay until May 15th. Then an intense six week journey beginning in southern California to see national parks in California and Oregon arriving in Glacier National Park, Montana on June 27.

In July, after visiting Glacier National Park, we travel to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming for a two week stay. We'll then travel east across six states spending time in each state. We'll chill out in our home state PA in September and then travel down the east coast with a detour to Tennessee in November. We plan to be in Florida by December, 2022.

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