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Surprising Santa Fe, New Mexico

Wow. Santa Fe was such a surprise. So much shopping and much of it was quite expensive. Ken found a suit for the upcoming wedding and I finally found a dress. A zillion jewelry stores and just as many art galleries. One work of art that was metal, shell and glass caught my eye but was $28,000. Guess I'm not shipping that one home. We had dinner in a couple of fun restaurants and had one expensive dinner at the Market Steer Steakhouse which was very good. The best thing about Santa Fe was how authentic it remains. The oldest capital city in the US of A. No building is over 5 stories tall and most buildings are adobe. There was a major festival the first Saturday we were there. It looked like there were a couple of thousand people in the old, historic Plaza.

Santa Fe

Our only hike close to Santa Fe was in the Santa Fe National Forest. Interesting because we could see the top of the mountain from the very beginning of the hike and we had a great view of Santa Fe from the top. The hike up to the top was only 2.5 miles and we gained 1500 feet in elevation. That may be a new elevation gain record for us.

Last and Least was the Santa Fe Skies RV Park. This park is at the bottom of our favorites list. The woman in the office that checks everyone in was condescending and grouchy. Not just a bad day apparently, there are other complaints about her on google. Why she remains in the office is a mystery. The other issue with this park is that some of the sites are horrible. Our "patio" was 5 feet wide and trucks and RVs could drive within a few feet of our table. I think I'll have to post a review of this one on google. They did have some very nice metal sculptures and antique engines and vehicles on display.

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