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Amanda and Michael's wedding in Cabo San Lucas was absolutely beautiful. It was hosted by Amanda's parents, Susan and Jerry, at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal. Amanda's sister Rachel and her fiancé Coulter, Ken and I and Susan and Jerry made up the six attending the wedding. We flew in on Sunday and the fun began with exploring, dinners out, time at the spa and lots of time in the infinity pool that is nestled right up against the Pacific Ocean. We had the "night before" dinner at the Resort's breathtaking cliff side restaurant, El Farallon and the wedding took place in the Resort's outside "lobby" on Thursday at 6 PM.

The Ceremony and Photo Shoot

Walking to the Celebration

The Celebration was held on the beach below the El Farallon restaurant. The weather and the guitarist were perfect. The food and the staff were exceptional. It was a wonderful and very special way to celebrate Amanda and Michael FINALLY tying the knot!

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