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Tombstone, Arizona

Located in the southeast corner of Arizona

71 miles from Tucson

24 miles from Benton where we stayed in the San Pedro RV Park

This town is famous for being the site of the Shootout at the OK Corral. It has an interesting history starting with Geronimo and the silver mining days. We visited the old courthouse (built in 1882) which is now a state historic park and a 12,000 square foot museum. It was worth the visit. There are many photos and artifacts from the courthouse when it housed the Cochise County sheriff, recorder, treasurer, the jail, courtrooms and the board of supervisors. There are exhibits chronicling its colorful history and in the courtyard there is a replica of the gallows used to hang the bad guys.

The 1878 Boothill Cemetery is the final resting place of several outlaws along with local townsfolk.

The Main Street

The Courthouse

The gallows and an invitation to attend one of the events held there

The Crystal Palace Saloon - Then and Now

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