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Yellowstone - Episode 3 - with Nephew Seth

On July 15th we drove the Jeep 135 miles south to Jackson, Wyoming to pick up Ken's nephew Seth from the Jackson Hole Airport. Seth flew in for a 3 day visit and stayed with us in the Renegade (still parked in Grizzly RV in West Yellowstone, MT).

The very touristy town of Jackson has lots of great hiking / ski shops and, of course, breweries and restaurants. The town is just "Jackson" and the entire valley is known as "Jackson Hole". We had an early dinner at a brewery right along side the Town Square ~

From Jackson, we drove north to Grand Teton National Park which borders Yellowstone's southern end ~

We continued north into Yellowstone and stopped at the Upper Geyser Basin where Old Faithful is located along with many other geysers and hot springs. We waited for Old Faithful to Erupt 40 minutes after the predicted time.

On Saturday, July 16th at the crack of noon the three of us traveled into Yellowstone to the Grand Prismatic hot spring Boardwalk.

We drove to the Biscuit Basin to access the trail to the Mystic Falls. On the way up the mountain we could see Old Faithful two miles away. We were extremely lucky, Old Faithful erupted while we were on the trail.

Now late afternoon, we drove 30 miles to the Canyon to show Seth the amazing rocks and the Upper and Lower Falls.

On Sunday we drove 40 miles to Island Park, Idaho where we rented kayaks ~

On Monday we drove Seth 90 miles due north to the Bozeman, Montana airport which ended Seth's 3 day, 3 state, 2 national parks adventure with his amazing aunt and uncle.

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