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Hilton Head Continues....

3/20/21 We had very nice weather until Thursday 3/18 when there was a tornado watch in the afternoon. It was dark and sometimes rainy and we were not sure what action to take. We had the weather channel on and, of course, they make everything more dramatic. They did have a model of a tornado going thru Savannah and then Hilton Head. All of our neighbors were staying in their motorhomes so we did the same. No tornado materialized, thank heavens. I think I was worried that we were cursed since we lost our first motorhome in a man made disaster.

We have been running every other day and biking the other days. We biked for a few miles on the beach twice and did a 13 mile Hilton Head loop. We have been to several restaurants. Many have live music and the bars are crowded with no mask wearing. We did some dancing, which is nice of Ken since he doesn't drink chardonnay or anything else. As usual, we gave the singer a large tip to play "brown eyed girl". I've been requesting this song for 30+ years, what does that say?

We haven't been doing anything very touristy since Ken stated that this stop in HH is our "orientation period". We've been to Home Depot 6 times. I do go on long solo bike rides and check out all of the shops.

Ken installed the RV snap pads on our stabilizing jacks after first painting the jacks. The pads prevent damage to any surface that we park on. The 4 jacks are controlled by a touch screen inside the coach and automatically level our 34,000 pound home.

Today Ken is working on installing the cellular/wifi antenna on our roof. He needs to drill some holes to attach it. I'm sure he knows what he's doing. I'm doing some laundry. I do keep my mind occupied - I have my first MacBook. You think it would be easy since I've had an iPhone, iPad and apple watch for years. But there is much to learn about the Mac operating system. I would like to also get Photoshop for all of the photos I will be taking. I'm sure that will be a somewhat frustrating learning experience also.

Some random photos below.

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