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Hilton Head Island

3/11/21. We love Hilton Head. So many trees everywhere. The overt commercialism is kept to a minimum. It's there, it's just hard to find behind all of the landscaping. We are staying at the Motorcoach Resort which is one of the nicest in the entire country. This is a great place to take it easy and learn the ins and outs of our new coach. Ken has a few projects - pads for our levelers, some very complicated wifi gizmo, and other maintenance issues. He is so good at all of this stuff and I am thankful. My job is inside keeping the dirty laundry off of the sofa and other important tasks. The washer and dryer function well so that is a major plus.

Hilton Head has almost 60 miles of dedicated bicycle/pedestrian pathways. You can bike just about anywhere on the island. Also, biking on the huge beach at low tide is a favorite.

We are here until 3/22. Then we will take 23 days to journey west to Moab, Utah. We still have to decide what route we will take. Below, photos of our "camp" site and the beach (obviously).

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