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Memphis, Tennessee

3/28/21. We left Hilton Head on Monday 3/22 and after traveling Monday and Tuesday we reached Memphis by 4PM Tuesday. We magically gained an hour so that was very helpful. By 8:00 PM we were on Beale street in downtown Memphis which is the famous spot for live music. We found a great band in a small restaurant. The restaurant was obviously all about the music and not the food. The appetizer menu consisted of gumbo, red beans or gumbo and red beans. The dinner choices were fried or BBQ. Ken had ribs and I had fried catfish and french fries (gasp!). Fortunately they were out of hush puppies. Clogged arteries aside, we really enjoyed the music. When the band went on break we moseyed on down the street to B.B. King's where another amazing band was performing. Overall a great experience.

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