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Goodbye to our Renegade

After 18 months of full time RV travel we decided to sell our rig. The original plan was to head to Florida and stay there in an RV park close the The Villages to see if we wanted to buy a house there. With the prices way up on Renegades we decided that it made more sense to sell the rig and then rent a home in The Villages. As I write this in November, we are renting and we have already purchased a home. We move in at the end of November.

We sold our Renegade back to the dealer we bought it from - Van City in St Louis, MO. We stayed in an RV park near St Louis and spent 3 days cleaning out the rig and packing all of our belongings in a small trailer. We dropped the Renegade off at Van City and towed the trailer back to Pittsburgh with the Jeep.

It was a great 18 months! We visited 25 national parks and stayed in 26 states in 58 different RV Parks. A smaller RV for summer travel may be in our future. We want to visit South Dakota and we'd love to see more of Colorado and Washington state. We'll also travel to PA several times a year to visit our loved ones.

For now, we're enjoying the Florida sunshine while biking, running and dining al fresco.

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