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The Renegade Rally

This event was three and a half days from Thursday, April 7th to Sunday April 10th at the Palm Creek Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona. 118 Rigs attended which is a lot for a small manufacturer.

We love our Renegade Verona LE LRB

We've seen a few other rallies in our travels so far:

An Airstream (travel trailer) rally in Moab, Utah in April 2021, my photo -

There was a Grand Design (fifth wheel) rally in Granby, Colorado in June 2021- My photo of a fifth wheel in Pahrump, Nevada. Fifth Wheels are the most popular type of RV. They are spacious and affordable although you need a heavy duty pick up truck to tow them.

There was a Newmar (class A) rally in Palm Creek in early April - Stock photo of a Newmar class A. Class A's have the bus front and those with diesel engines are called "diesel pushers" with the engine in the rear.

Our section of the resort was full of Renegades - in this row one Class A was already in residence and was allowed to hang out with the Super Cs. Renegades are designated as Class C but the unofficial term for those with a large truck engine is a Super C.

Our Renegade is a 40 footer, here are photos of some cool 45 footers

The Renegade Rally included dinners, seminars, a pickleball round robin and instruction, a golf outing, dog agility training, a jeep scenic off road trip, and the Sunday night "beers and tears" get together. Most rallies are sponsored and coordinated by the RV manufacturer but this one was organized and executed by Renegade owners Julie and Jeff from Florida. They recruited several other couples to help out with all of the events. We met some really interesting people including couples who have lived and traveled on boats or currently live on boats when in their home town. We chatted about experiences and exchanged information with many friendly Renegaders.

The next Renegade Rally is in early November in Tennessee and we are signed up!

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