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Finally! Our new home.

2/16/21 In June, 2020 we decided that it was time to plan our full time adventure. We had been researching RV's for years. I loved the look and interiors of the Class A's. Ken favored the Class C's from the very beginning. Of course, Ken's reasoning was solid and we decided to go with the stability and safety of a Super C. Renegade was the choice for many reasons. We toured the Renegade factory in June and then ordered our coach. Only a month and a half behind schedule, we picked up our Renegade Verona LE in St. Louis on February 3rd. We drove the 600 miles home to Pittsburgh. The ride was surprisingly smooth and Ken looked like a natural. The coach is currently residing in an outdoor storage center. The temperature is mostly in the 20's and it's not a pleasant time of the year to load all of our belongings. Ken has been working on the tow system for our jeep that includes a nifty bike rack. We practiced towing at the storage facility. Well, Ken practiced and I ran along side (at a safe distance) to view the tow bars and to check the clearances. I'm sure I looked a little crazy running around in the snow and ice. No witnesses except the woman in the office with her video screens.

Our house is sold and we plan to leave on our full time adventure at the end of February. Unless it is STILL snowing, we hope to visit Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas and then make our way thru Texas and New Mexico to Arizona where we have a reservation for a two week stay near Sedona starting at the end of March.

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