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Alamosa - Colorado Week 5

We spent 10 days in Alamosa at the Cool Sunshine RV Park. This park is on the edge of downtown which meant that we could walk, run and bike right from the RV park. There were railroad tracks right beside the park which was kind of fun. The trains didn't run at night. We ran to the Adams State University track 3 times just trying to burn some calories. We biked 4 times and twice I ended up with a flat tire. Turns out the cause was the dreaded Goathead, an invasive plant with very sharp 1/2 inch spikes. After the second flat we did not bike again. We visited Colorado Gators, a reptile sanctuary with over 300 alligators and many other interesting reptiles. HUGE anacondas and pythons, monitors, iguanas and also some tropical birds. It was awesome.

We went on one hike which was very rocky. Lots of small cacti that like to attach to your shoes and socks. We also went to a block party in the downtown and a professional rodeo with a band concert afterwards. We spent an afternoon at Great Sand Dunes National Park. A very busy 10 days.

Cool Sunshine RV Park


Alamosa Restaurants - We had a nice dinner at The Rubi Slipper and met the best and nicest bartender (Waylon) at the Purple Pig. He makes the best ever margarita!

The Rodeo

The Hike Near Mt Blanca - The rocks went on for a mile which was a very difficult part of the hike.

The Jeep from Above. It is circled.

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